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Update by user Jan 16

They charged me the $0.99 that Jacob Miller said he waived.

Update by user Jan 16

By their terms it was resolved.But since I am the idiot who did not read the terms in conditions like every one else does for every single product. I am losing out of my hard earned $30. Please be careful.READ YOUR TERMS AND CONDITIONS PLEASE!!!

Original review posted by user Jan 16

Please don't waste your time and money like I have.The ad was for a free Lip Plumper plus $4.99 s&h. I purchased my order of the product on Jan 2 and was billed on the 16th for $74.99.

I looked at the email and no where did it state that i would be charged other than the $4.99 s&h. No where during my purchase, nor on my receipt, did it state that i was signing up for a 14 day trial which I would be billed for after the 14th day if I do not cancel within then. I never recieved an email saying that I was nearing the end date to a 14 day trial I had no idea I was apart of. I recieved my product, and altough i have been using it multiple times a day upon recieving it, i have had no results.

It was to my surprise that i was being charged the $74.99 so I referred back to my email receipt and after scrolling to the bottom, in tiny letters there are the terms and conditions. They state that it is a 14 day trial, starting on the day of the purchase of the "free" product. After the 14th calendar day frokm the purchase, you will start to be billed monthly. I called customer service and explained it to the first woman and she said there was nothing she could do for me.

I asked for a manager and she argued that she is the best to speak to. I asked again and again and finally she said she would transfer me. But she just hung up the phone. I called back and recieved a woman named Samantha.

I immediately asked to speak with a manager and she persistently told me she was the best to speak to being that she is a professionally trained representative also. It took a few attempts and a lot of hold time, but she patched me through to the "manager" Jacob Miller. He was kind, but the kindness seemed to be fake. I explained that I couldn't afford the product and that I read the terms and conditions but only after I was charged being that there was no indication from the beginning.

He went ahead and canceled my subscription and stated that he would, but he shouldn't, but being that he is nice, he will refund me $44.99. I asked where the other $30 would go to and he couldn't give me an answer. He was kind enough to wave the $0.99 refund fee, I don't know if you can sense my sarcasm here. And ultimately he subsided that the $30 would go to their hassle of refunding.

He left me with that, and afterwards asked if he satisfied my every needs. He ended the call and I called again, but this time to do a public review on the company. The woman who answered is named Chen, or Chu, or Chin. Hard to understand her name as she said it.

I let her know that I was doing a review on the company and she said she would answer all of my product questions. I had her on for about 5 minutes. I asked her about how many customers call in on average on a work day, asking for a refund and expressing their frustration over a misleading company. She said they get quite a few calls, but also calls asking where the product is at and also a very large amount of praise.

In my opinion, I highly doubt it the way they handle customers who are not being rude and merely asking for help to understand. I also asked if she always reads the Terms and Conditions for every single product she has ever purchased in her life and not to my surprise she said "yes." Her: Yes Me: really? Her: Yes Me: honestly??Her: Yes. It's hard to believe that anyone has read them, always.

I then asked for her personal opinion, not the opinion of the company, how she would feel purchasing a lip plumper for free + $4.99 s&h, trying it out, and in no way, having any indication that a big charge would show up on her bank statement, only to look back at the receipt and still see nothing. And either by way of reading the terms and conditions, or calling frustrated to customer service for being jipped, finding out she was enrolled in a trial she did not have knowledge of. Her response? "I would be pissed!...I would be upset I mean." I ended with asking her for her personal opinion on how she feels working for a company who misleads their customers and she quickly tried to politely end the call with me.

I told her that it would take 3p seconds and even though she fought it, she said "okay, ask me" I asked the question again and she said that even though it may or may not be illegal in the U.S., they do not mislead their customers because it is clearly stated in the microscopic Terms and Conditions at the bottom of the page before you make your purchase. Even though it may or may not be illegal. Supposedly they send out an email notifying you of your trial almost being up. I have not recieved one and I'm guessing most people haven't.

Some got a refund back minus $15. Some got nothing, and some got only a couple bucks. It's not even consistent. This is most definitely a scam by definition posted below, and very much so a thieving act as well.

Warn your friends and family and repost as needed. If I could use, I would. But they're based in Scotland and apparently they're doing nothing wrong.

scam skam/Submit nouninformal 1. a dishonest scheme; a fraud."an insurance scam" synonyms: fraud, swindle, fraudulent scheme, racket, trick; More thief THēf/Submit noun noun: thief; plural noun: thieves a person who steals another person's property, especially by stealth and without using force or violence.

Product or Service Mentioned: Apex Vitality Lip Plumper Free Trial.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $30.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Company wrote 0 private or public responses to the review from Jan 16.
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This just happened to me, I checked my account today they charged me 74.99 for that little bottle of lotion and onmy gave me 25% of the charge. Im so pissed right now


This company is a scam. I also fell for their $4.99 "free trial" of the Apex lip plump, only to have a $74.99 charge on my account now.

Called to complain and said I wanted a refund, that I did NOWHERE see that I was signing up for a monthly membership, and was told I would be refunded a measly $18. Wow! 18 whole dollars!

Oh, and the lip plump sucks. Don't fall for their advertisements or you WILL lose money.


Do you have a number to call them because the same thing has happened to me

to Anonymous #1430441

I read the entire terms when I got my free trial. It states on there that you would get that gigantic bill.

Keep reading it. If you can't pay that high price, they'll offer a lower price. I think it was $44.99. I said no and then I got it for $29.00 a month.

It even tells you that on the enclosed paperwork the stuff does work and you can negotiate that high price. Please, let everyone know.

You won't be sorry. Hope this helps.

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