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APEX VITALITY IS FAKE. READ REVIEW 4 of 4 people found it helpful
Wtf?I thought I was only getting the free trial but then I got charged $64.99??? that's bull I'm so mad I want my money back I guess I'm gonna have to call that number in the side and sit on the phone for most likely hour at right?? fml this is going to sucki read online that their products work pretty good and I was stoked that I was gonna get the trail.little for only $7.99 but then a while later I get charged more that's bull I guess I...
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I had the worst time ever with this company, it is awful.I ordered a free trial of something that was said to be FREE. I decided to give it a try but looked at my email and was charged $86.97 for things I did not even order. I tried calling but the customer service was hard to understand, and refused to give me a full refund, saying they would only give me a partial refund if I send the product back-which I certainly will be. I will not be...
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  • Free trial never arrived
  • I was automatically charged for subscription i didnt ask for